Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How to Prepare a Job Application

Before you reach this stage, I expect that you have already known how to write a good CV and a Cover Letter. If you still don't, you may contact me directly, I would be more than happy to help.

Anyway, let's start with this. Assume that your CV and Cover Letter are ready; and the example that I demonstrate below are from the the job application that I have recently applied to World Vision Cambodia.

The model could be different from organisation to organisation. Thus, do not wholly depend on my way to apply for a job. It could be used for new job seekers and also to give some ideas that you might have never heard of. I would welcome all of the suggestions in the comment box below. 

Here is my CV, I clipped it together

World Vision Cambodia requires applicants to use their official application form attached with applicant's CV and Cover Letter. It is important for us to know that International NGOs normally require us to write another application form, while the other companies only require CV and Cover Letter. 

Here are the certificates attached to the CV and Cover Letter; however, I pinned them together which include Certificates, Volunteer Certificates, Recommendation Letter, and my Identity Card.

As I said earlier, I pin the certificates together, and I will also pin the CV, Cover Letter, and World Vision's Application Form as well. All in all, there are two sets (One set of Certificates, and another set composed of CV, Cover Letter, and WV Application)

Here you could see two sets and it is important to notice how we place it in the carbon envelope. Remember that this is the side that you need to insert your sets. Set CV first, and Set certificates second. Also, the face must face as shown in the picture below.

Now you already placed your CV and Cover Letter inside the envelope. It's time to write the Cover for the Envelope. You need to include your Address, and the Company's address. Cut it with knife as you may not get it trimmed correctly with scissors.

 After you get the cover, glue it on the envelope, and there you are ready to apply for a job!

It is important to follow such ways before you apply for a job in hard copy. However, these days it's getting better as companies and NGOs accept soft copy as we could simply send via email.

Some companies require us to send CV, Cover Letter, and the Certificates via email. Thus, you should scan your certificates and store it in your computer.


  1. Thank you for sharing your insights! :)

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  3. What an excellent piece of learning how to write and effective job application letter. This gives a lot of perspectives about making a competitive application letter.


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