Monday, March 18, 2013

Kid City and Its Development

When the building was first started, I had no idea it is all about. A few months after they started the construction, I came across a post by Project Cambodia. Source

I knew that the building is for kids which is so wow to me because not many businessmen would focus that specific, especially on kids. 

From this post, I would like to tell you a bit more about Kids City. 

Kid City is located on No. 162, Sihanouk Boulevard, Cambodia which is next to Gold Tower 42. It is an indoor Edutainment Center. What does it mean by the way? Edutainment Center? I guess it's a combination between Education and Entertainment? :D 

The building is composed of
1. Playground
2. Daycare
3. Kid Activities 
4. Clip & Climb
5. Laser tag
6. Science center
7. Ice skating
8. Children clothes and Accessories
9. Cafe and restaurant
This is the most up to date news I have known so far. Let's see when it's all done. 


  1. The Effected Color Bathroom

    Here is the light and color has effect on body and soul, according to furniture shop in Cambodiaconstruction materials
    One more thing they have more intense deep relaxation effect when it is used in conjunction with water.
    In addition it can make the calming bathroom that easily adjusts to people mood, furthermore, the light is key to this design with the Kaldewei LED spotlights, which can changes color by a touch of a button that allows you to choose the color that you like.
    By this way the lighting systems and the individual spectral light combinations are operated with a gentle push of a button on a control panel on the rim of the bath.

  2. The Mount Baker Residence in Seattle

    This is the Mount Baker Residence in Seattle has been designed by Pb Elemental Architecture, leading to furniture shop in Cambodia construction materials said.
    One more thing, this house features a narrow and tall structure and it has a dynamic urban character for the owners.
    Moreover, the house also has a large open plan living room that linked the outside world to the family life and gathers friends and family around the coffee table.
    The architects explain the correlation between the volumes and materials used for the facade: “The structure was conceived as the juxtaposition of three pure volumes, each containing a unique programmatic element.
    Each element is emphasized by material cladding; cedar panel, cement board, concrete, and marine plywood”.

  3. To retain and revise by Matthew Rao

    As successful furniture shop in Cambodia construction materials
    informed, designed by Matthew Rao, the presented kitchen was design to restore the footprint of the house yet still adds an entertaining and modern sensibility.
    "We wanted the kitchen to fit with the period of the house, so we developed a story line – an implied evolution. Parts of the kitchen were designed to look like they could be original elements, while other parts are like found elements that could have been cobbled together over the years – the last thing we wanted was a modern, fully fitted kitchen."
    Old-world features include the perimeter cabinets made from pine wood with paint wash and a distressed finish, and the island of a well-worn patina with natural pine Shaker doors.
    Modern theme is found with the use of modern appliances integrated neatly into the cabinets.

  4. The Attractive and Spacious Living Space

    This living area is really attractive and spacious with its design arrangement, trustworthy to furniture shop in Cambodia
    construction materials said.
    One more thing, the interior has been designed by focused mainly on functionality, quality and design details, which create character to the space.
    In addition, the main ideas of the design are the least intervention in disposition and use of black and white materials and solid floor decking in white spruce. Anyway, all the furniture is designed in a combination of wedge and white color.


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