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Paypal Cambodia Withdrawal Assistance

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If you are a real reader, I also wrote the details of this service below:

Withdrawing money from Paypal in Cambodia is an absolute pain. That is why we create this service to serve you. we do hope that you all can withdraw money from Paypal just like we do in the nearest future, but for now, let me assist and make a small profit out of this service during this transition time.

We are providing this service for 8 Cents per Dollar. 
This means you will get $0.92 of your $1. You will get your money on the same day. 

Do you think it is expensive?

No, it isn't. I don't make that 8 cents since I lose some to exchange rate. Out of the 8 Cents, only 3 to 4 cents is my profit. 

Details of the exchange rate as below:
Say, you would like to withdraw $305 from your Paypal account. Then, you will need to send me the amount. Paypal will charge the transfer fee from you. You will have to cover all of the transfer fees.

When my Paypal account (Not my email address) receives your amount, I will see the amount in USD still. Then, I will send the amount from my Paypal account to my Thai bank account (Conversion no. 1). For this case, $305 equaled to 10,265.64 Baht. 
Now I can see the amount in my Thai bank account
The amount in my Thai bank account is in Thai Baht (10,265.46 Baht). So, when I go to ATM machine, it will convert to USD (conversion no. 2)

I withdrew $300 just to check the Thai Baht rate. So, by now don't get confused why I did not withdraw $305. Below was how I did it.

According to the withdrawal receipt:
$300 = 10,587.00 Baht 
Then, 10,587.00 Baht divided by $300 equals to 35,29
The conversion rate was 35,29
Your money I received was 10,265.46 Baht
Then, 10,265.46 divided by 35.29 equals to $290.88 

Thus, don't expect me to make 8 cents out of your $1. 

However, we also look for partnership, not a one-timer; thus, if you think paying 8 Cents is too expensive, you can opt in for a flat rate at $15 per month, but I'll limit two withdrawals per month, but you will have to pay me annually in advance ($180 / year) **** This $180 cannot be refunded for any reasons. If you agree to pay this $180, you pay without any expectation of a refund, but I reassure you that I am not a scammer. You will get your money within 5-6 days.

You should be alerted also transferring from Paypal to Thai bank account is usually free if the transfer amount is more than $170 per transaction. If it's less, they would charge 50 Baht per transaction. You will have to cover this. 

I will transfer your money via Aceleda Unity or ABA bank. Transfer fee will deducted from you. Basically, I earn my 8 Cents or your annual payment

If you withdraw regularly, then you might want to consider a flat rate $15 per month so that you can withdraw two times per month, without paying me extra beside losing to conversion rate.

I can also send the money to you via Wing, eMoney or other money transfer agencies. However, we can choose this option after clearly know one another because scammers might send me the money in Paypal and claim for a refund in Paypal after they have received money from money transfer agencies. 

If you wish to use my service, please send me a copy of your identity card, passport, family book, a link to your company, and facebook profile, or anything that I can use to identify the real you. Or else, don't expect to get your money.

Terms and Conditions:

- Your PayPal account shall appear the same name as your real name. I do not accept payment from random PayPal account. This is to avoid scammers hacking PayPal accounts and send me the money in exchange for cash.
- Do not ask your clients to send me money directly. You deal with your clients by yourself. Thus, you need to create your own PayPal account to be responsible for your deals with them. When they ask for a refund, you are the one who refund them, not me. You probably already got cash from me, while your clients want a refund from me? Don't even think about it. 
- I accept "Send to friend/ family" payment which comes from PayPal balance. When I see any payments sending from credit card, I won't send you cash within the first 6 months because it is not safe for me since you can go to the bank and file a dispute as "Unauthorized deductions". 
- If it is a must for your to use "Send as payment", then you will need to follow my instruction. Don't send the money to me directly. I am going to create an Invoice for you to pay via PayPal. Also, use the same emails to communicate and prove that you already received my service. For example, I might send you translated documents to prove that I have provided the service so that you will need to pay the invoice. This way, I will have evidence to protect myself from refund.
Or I will ask you to send payment to a third-party PayPal ID, then forward the money to me. I am going to close the third-party ID afterward so that you can't ask for a refund. 

Query at: 081 688 555 or via email (Not my PayPal account). 

What our clients say about us:

"Vuthy is a reliable and nice person. I used his PayPal Cambodia Withdrawal Assistance Service. He acted fast and provided me good service. I will surely use him again in the future." - Norindra Abbe, from Lingua Cambodia

"I used to ask Chour Vuthy to withdraw $230 from my Paypal account. And I received safely my money via acleda unity. I recommend as Chour Vuthy is real and honest person. In short, he can help if you need this kind of service. Cheers!" - Mr. Born Marady, from Asia Translation & Localization


  1. I highly recommend Mr. Vuthy's PayPal service. I have used his service and will use many years to come.

    1. Thanks bong for coming back to comment! :D I am so pleased to serve you.


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