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January 23, 2013

UN Salary Scale

If you happen to work for a private company in Cambodia, they only bother with your employment period and step which means your salary will be raised when you stay at a company longer. They never count the never ending inflation; and you need to bear in mind that as a Least Developed Country, inflation in Cambodia will never stop. The more growth we want, the more inflation we have. It’s so natural.
However, for United Nations staff, their salaries will be raised based on Steps and Inflation. They calculate carefully the inflation rate of each year and inform their staff about the salary the following year.


  1. To say the fact I am very stunned at what you informed. You discuss plenty of exciting details, nice and outstanding style you have got here. It’s certainly one of the most useful things on this subject I’ve ever study.

  2. Vuthy Chour!
    UN Salary Scale for example the writer discuss in the article about the salary range.Just like the employ work for a long time in the company then its salary increase further in time.And united nation increase the salary our staff are based on step by step.For example i,ll be working on some Microsoft certified papers and payment increase day by day not today.

    1. Hi there,

      At UN, the salary increases by step and also by comparing to other companies in a year.

      So, two increases:
      1. step by step (seniority)
      2. increase by percentage regardless of step because they compare the salary between UN and other big companies. They do the comparison every October and announce how much percentage to increase every year.

      I don't get what you mean when you say increase day by day, not today?

  3. Hey Admin!
    UN Salary Scale admin is that a scale that calculate the salary? And increase the salary step by step. And what did you mean by the salary increase day by day and not today? I think so it’s really bored topic for those person who are not interested in salary calculation then they will watch some interesting Funny Videos and also shared an interesting content the people like this information and enjoy the funny moments. By the way thanks for sharing informative article.

  4. I must appreciate the way you have expressed your feelings through your blog!

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