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February 19, 2013

Sach Phak Lov, Orussey Market

Do you like trying Street Food? I myself like trying new food. It doesn't have to be at a popular restaurant, it doesn't have to be very healthy or clean. As long as the local could eat it, I have the gut to try. :)

If you are one of a kind. This is one of the types you shouldn't miss. Last Sunday, I and my friend went to a stall nearby Orussey Market for Sach Phak Lov (សាច់ផាក់លូវ) and its drink (ទឹកយ៉ាវម៉ា). This place is quite popular, I even heard a family who came from Australia came to this stall three days consecutively just before they travel back home.

Sach Phak Lov (សាច់ផាក់លូវ) Food Stall at Front Yard of a House Near Orussey Market 

A dish of Phak Lov for two people. 
I guess the best part of the dish is its sauce and veggie. Yum!

How tables are arranged and you probably could recognize the location

Another great drink! Soya Bean (left), Yav Ma Drink (right)
Oftentimes, people would travel a long way just to buy the Yav Ma drink. My dad and I like it alot. The taste is sweet and you could feel some sort of herbal. I think it is a healthy drink.

Price Range: 
For drink: It costs about 1000 Riel per glass, and 2500 Riel per bottle
For Phak Lov: It probably cost 15000 Riel for two persons. 

Location: around Orussey Market, if you are standing right in front of the main gate, then the stall is on the right of Orussey market. You need to talk and turn left, then walk straight til the third gate of Orussey market.


  1. Yeah I love it and used to eat it too, it is great

    1. :) I want to spread more information regarding good local food.

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