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June 1, 2014

When it comes to loving someone, what do you normally expect? To be the first one? To be the last one? Or be ready to discover more about your loved one? To me, I am ready to hear all of the surprises. It should be damn good to know about girlfriend's past.

In this post, I am not going to focus on the girl's side, but the boy's side only. I would like to ask you readers a couple of questions:

Does it matter if a man used to flirt many girls before? Would you bother to seek for more information? I have seen many girls got jealous and even want to dump their boyfriends for that. Well, it's fair enough to dump him if he betrays while having you, but when you have a look back at his past. Probably, you should only use it as a sign to alert, but you can not judge that quickly. It depends whether the flirtation was for fun. Is it him just like that, flirting every pretty girls? Or he has been interested in one girl at a time, but faced many rejections already? Because facing rejections could lead to depression. Should you pity him for that because now he is yours?

If he faced rejections, now that you are his girlfriend. What would be your reactions when you read his old messages and found out that he used to chase a lot of girls. Let's say you found out his messages to many girls before you knew him. The messages could be "I love you til the end of my life". "Oh dear, I miss you so much". I know you may feel stupid to be his girlfriend, right?

Would you pity him? Or would you simply think he's a jerk chasing girls since he was a kid? Please share your opinions.

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