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April 27, 2015

I have to be honest with you I am a failure in managing my own time to do tasks on time. I have many responsibilities in which I failed to finish many of them on time because it all came in between. I should have ignored one thing, to complete another. So that, the two won't be completed late.

I am writing this because I feel so bad about myself for being such a failure and have failed people around me too.

I remember my first date on January 08, 2013. I told my girlfriend that we would meet at 5:30 PM, but I ended up arriving at 6:00 PM. She blamed me a lot and even told me on phone that I did not have to go to pick her up, but I kept telling her that I was on my way and finally arrived at 6:00 PM. What I learned from that was that I looked down on necessary commute time, I looked down on traffic. I did not leave enough time for something unexpected to happen. I thought 10 minutes drive will arrive and meet her. That was what a fool like me thought. So, I spent so much time to finish up my work in a rush then went to meet her. All I got was to let her wait and disappointed her. Luckily, she still agreed to come out with me. It's been me. It's just like that since then or even before that.

Not just that, I regularly go to work late too. Every morning, I get up at 6:00 AM. I wake up my niece so that she can take bath and ready for school. Mostly she gets up when I wake her up, sometimes she doesn't. So, I sometimes have to go wake her up again after I dress up. It doesn't take me much time to dress up, but it takes more time for two people to be ready to leave house. So, I take her to school at about 6:45 AM every morning and arrived her school at 7:00 AM. Generally, she does not arrive her school late. She will have breakfast there, but for me after leaving her there, I have to go have my breakfast, then head to work. Apparently 30 minutes is not enough for commute and eat. So, I often arrive at 7:45 or 8:00 AM (work starts at 7:30). See, I am such a failure.

During working hours, I need to have good mood to focus on work. If any days that I hear problems at home, my mood swing, I don't have that kind of good mood to write any reports. I do, of course, but the process is very slow.

In mid March 2015, I and Mamiao agreed on a trip to Kanjanaburi to meet at 8:00 AM, but I arrived at 8:30 or 8:40. I planned enough time for commute by BTS to her area, but I had urgent issue to deal with. It took me about 15 minutes to talk to my ILO colleagues in our hotel room and explained to him how to get to IKEA and he was nagging and asking about so many other things. It was annoying, but I had to spend time talking to him or else I feel myself heartless. When I met Mamiao, I acknowledged my mistake for coming late and I did not want to explain much because it's just me like that. A failure in time management.

On April 24, 2015, another case took place, I agreed with a motorbike dealer that we would meet at 2:00 PM, but I arrived at 3:15 PM because I stole my working hours to meet him thus I had to finish up a closing meeting with factory management. You know why I agreed to meet him at 2:00? Because I finished almost everything in the morning, but it was unlucky that during lunch time, another colleague teams came to the same restaurant. So, we had to have lunch together and it took about 2 hours at the restaurant. I could not open my mouth and tell them that I am in a hurry. So, I had to make everything looks normal. Then, I got back to the office at almost 1:00 PM. I did not give a call to the dealer in advance that I was going to be late because I still thought that I could manage my time to meet him on time. Hell took place. He argued with me and asked me to explain a lot on how to improve his compliance issues. Dealer got mad and the deal was down. I lost $300 for depositing a motorbike.

From these experiences that I remember and other failure experience in which I did not mention here, I found some reasons and I am willing to fix myself as follows:
- I procrastinate things. Sometimes I have free time, but I did not do it first I did not realize that I have to do many things in given little time. I do things at the last minutes and in a rush. I need to give myself more time on certain tasks and focus on each tasks carefully.
- I should delegate work to others to help and admit the truth that I won't be able to finish these many things on time. I should focus on one and do it well.
- I should give more times on commute as traffic now is horrible.
- I should know the limit and inform others well about lateness.
- I should read more time management strategy.
- It doesn't matter what time I sleep, I should rise early to continue working as morning is fresh to reflect.
- I should make use of my note of urgent tasks.
- Limit myself with timeframe to work on something.

I am actually trying to cheer myself when writing this up. What else do you think I should do?

April 19, 2015

How safe is a Solex lock? I guess not only Solex, but other brands also. I lost keys of this lock and I had a chance to observe a lock repairer. It did not take him much time to make a new key for me. It took him about 2 minutes to observe what's specific inside the lock.

Then, he started numbering on side of the lock so that he knows what to do with a new key without any mark on it yet.  

Later, he started highlighting on a brand new key and scraped it. He scraped as he looked at the numbers on the lock. Simply, without even further modification. After he finished scraping, the key simply worked well with the lock. 

In total, it took him about 10 minutes to make a new key of the lock. Simple as that. Think Solex is safe? Think again. 

He only looked and numbered on the lock and made a new key for me. This is pretty dangerous if later he decides to change his job :D

What is a safer way to protect our house? Please kindly suggest. 

April 1, 2015

Today I would like to introduce you to a special Kuyteav restaurant, located in the centre of Phnom Penh, and that is Kuyteav Psar Chas.

This street restaurant actually started long time ago and has been popular for decades. Normally, it is hard to find parking space if you happen to drive a car there. 

This kuyteav restaurant is located on a corner opposite to Psar Chas (Old market).

What is special about this Kuyteav? 
What comes to my mind when going to this kuyteav restaurant is the taste of its soup and also its meatball. Because its meatball was made by the restaurant itself. They did not buy it from the market. They made it perfect meatball and healthy soup. 

I like kuyteav itself and plus, my girlfriend made the yummy sauce. 

Have you ever seen such kuyteav elsewhere? 

The cost of this kuyteav is quite reasonable. 

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