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May 4, 2015

Shopping Online with Ebay from Cambodia - Part 2

When you are reading this, you have probably read my early post regarding "Shopping Online with Ebay from Cambodia"

If you have not, you may read my earlier post first before reading this post. To do so, please click on the link above.

After receiving many questions, it gave me an idea that it would be easier to explain to readers the process in this post.

1. What about the tax after you received the item? - Anynomous

No, there is no additional tax when you buy from ebay. The only additional cost is the shipping cost. However, I normally choose an item that comes with free shipping. Thus, it does not cost me more. However, at the post office, you will be required to pay $1 or $1.5, etc, depending on the weight of your item. However, it is not much. They have the rate shown on their wall. 

2. How much is shipping cost?

It depends on where the dealer is. If the dealer is in China or Hong Kong, I think they normally can ship to Cambodia for free. However, for the US or elsewhere which is pretty far, you will have to check the shipping fee carefully. 

3. Hello, I have no experience in buying online before, I'm wondering how to write post code since I could not find any post code of my home address? And we don't need to pick our products at the post office, right?

For the post code, you may check the link here. For example, for my area Toul Svay Prey 1, I wrote 12308 as the post code. You may do the same for your area. 

You will have to pick up your products at the post office. It is very important to tell the dealer to write down your telephone number on the envelope, because normally they only write your address on the envelope. The post office here will call when they see your telephone number on the envelope. 

4. Are sellers in ebay reliable?

I strongly believe that they are reliable. However, before purchasing any products. I read the reviews by other purchasers, they shared their comment regarding the dealer, the items itself whether its reality looks like the shown picture, whether the delivery time is appropriate. You may read all of the reviews and decide. There are ways that you can complain to get your money back into your bank account. You may try shopping something cheap first, then decide to shop a bit more expensive item. 

5. Auction web site is annoying!

I agree, but I don't involve with the auction. I normally buy the Sale Now item. Just a few click and done. You can check that before you buy. 

6. Have you ever bought from Amazon? Can you compare?

I have never bought from Amazon. However, I plan to do it very soon and will share ideas with you in another post. 

7. I plan to open an online shop of brand name product, and I want to purchase from ebay to sell in Cambodia, but I have not known about the process of purchase and shipping, could you please kindly share your own experience and some suggestions?

I don't have experience in selling online product, but if you are willing to hear an idea from me I can share. I think you should check both and Because focuses on individual deal, while focuses on wholesale products. Alibaba offers lots cheaper because they know you buy to sell. 

For transactions, I think you should study more on Debit Card, Paypal and Payoneer, Ask me in detail for each of them. Ask me more if you'd like. 

8. I'm thinking of order a case of Lumia 1320 from ebay, but I don't have any bank account. So, what should I do?

There is no another way beside making a debit card with a bank, then register a paypal account before you can buy from ebay.

9. It is quite interesting to buy online from ebay, I'm planning to buy a camera from ebay, but can we trust our post office? My friend said you will be risk if you don't know postman. Is it real that post office steal or change something in the box? If we find something wrong with our products, what can we do?

Normally, if you buy many items, customs would like to check your box. Thus, you may be required to pay tax. However, they don't steal your products. I have a friend doing business online. They didn't know person their at first, but since she went to pick up the items so often. She started to have connection. So, the tax person did not check much, just paid him a lum sum amount for a box. 

If you plan to buy a camera or any other fragile products, the most important thing is that will it be broken when it arrives Cambodia? Tell the dealer carefully on how to pack fragile items. You will need a lot of soft surrounding. But don't worry. It should be okay. 

10. Can I actually become a seller in ebay? 

You surely can become one. You need to register an account and agree with all of the pricing. More importantly, you should know about how to receive money via Paypal. You may read the link below.

Receiving and Withdrawing Paypal money from Cambodia

Do you have more questions? :) I am willing to answer more. Thanks for dropping by. 


  1. I want you to compare with Visa, Western Union and Paypal which one the best and cheaper for cost of Transfer money. When we have account Bank How can I transfer money to dealer?

    1. It also depends on where you buy your goods. If you buy from, then all of the transactions will be done through Paypal.

      If you buy your goods from other web sites, they may require Paypal or Visa.

      For Western Union, you can use it when you want to transfer money to someone abroad.

      If not about shopping, you may do bank transfer from your partner's bank account abroad to your ACELEDA account. It's a cheaper way and safe.

  2. Can you Explain me about the Paypal. and transactions of Paypal.

    1. Hi Vichea,

      Paypal is a platform for you to buy online. You will need to have a Visa Card or Debit Card or Master Card to create a Paypal account.

      Once you have one of the card, you can register a Paypal account. When you first register a Paypal account, Paypal will send a 4-digit code to your bank. Call your bank to get the code and fill it in online to verify that you are the owner. Only then that you can buy online safely.

      You actually can use your debit card, or visa card directly when you purchase online. However, for paypal, you can simply type in your email and password when you want to buy online. It's simple. Unlike debit card, you need to type the 14 numbers on your card.

      For ebay itself, it prefers payment by paypal. For other shopping sites, you may use any paypal or debit card directly. It's up to you.

      Transaction of paypal:
      For paypal in Cambodia particularly, we can only send money or buy things online. We cannot receive or withdraw money via paypal. There are people who do business by transaction via paypal in Cambodia. How they manage to do it is by creating a paypal account but didn't mention that they register it from Cambodia. There are a lot more to explain, but I wish to tell you up to here. If you have more questions, you may ask. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Good note to all Cambodia reader to know more about this thing and thanks for your detail answer. I'm new explorer in this as well. Would like to ask you whether the Paypal can be trusted as it save our visa information?

    1. It is very safe to store information in there. Never been stolen before.

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  5. Hello Vuthy

    Thanks for sharing, could you recommend place learn how to sell on Ebay in Cambodia school? Because I heard RFI Khmer radio talked about that. But I don't remember. Thanks

  6. Hello Mr. Sophat,
    I think you don't need school to learn how to sell on ebay. You should read their policy. It's easy.

  7. How many days will it take for package to be delivered?

    1. I bought from Hong Kong. It took 2 to 4 weeks. My friend who used to buy from the US. It took him around 4 weeks to get a call from USPS.

  8. I bought iPad Case from Aliexpress....
    Will the additional tax apply on my product ?
    How much are the product that require custom to check and add tax ?
    Are you sure that we don't have to pay tax on our product ?
    I hope you may find me the best answer ...
    Best regard

    1. Mr. Ratha,

      Only if you bought noticeable amount of products at once. Then, custom might want you to open the box in front of them. If it's just an iPad case, one item, then I am sure you don't have to pay tax.

      But they will ask you to pay an amount. It can be 6,000 Riel to 10,000 Riel something.

      If you are going to do business online, I mean buy a lot of iPad cases, you should know some people there. You can simply pay lumsum amount, not actual tax on your products. I know it's possible because I have a friend who regularly receive products from USA in a box, and she paid lum sum all the time.

    2. That 6,000 Riel is not tax. They have a rate sticked on their wall. You may see it there when you arrive.

    3. Really thanks for your reply Mr. Vuthy !
      I now understand about it clearer!
      Thank you so much ! Really appreciate your answer !

    4. Hi vuthy bro, I'm want to order stuff from Aliexpress and Ebay. if my stuff free deliver and when it arrive, i need to pay for tax or kg cost at post office or not?

  9. Is there any bank in Cambodia that we can register Paypal?

    1. Hi, Mr. Pisetheara,

      For Paypal, you may register it with a debit card, visa card or credit card. I think you can register paypal when you have a debit card from any banks in Cambodia. However, the Paypal that you are going to have is only to Send Out money, you cannot receive and withdraw. The service is limited to that. So, it works fine if you only want to buy things online.

      However, I went to Bangkok to get another visa card. I created a Paypal account with Thai bank account. Then, I can receive money and withdraw.
      You may read more here

      Welcome more questions!

    2. Thank you so much for your clearly feedback!

  10. Hi, I have no experience with buying something on eBay.
    If I purchase something on eBay, where to pick up that goods?
    The goods will be delivered to post office, right?
    If like that, Am I called when the goods arrived?

    1. Hi Tola,

      Your goods will be delivered to the post office. When you buy something from ebay, you should tell your dealer to include your telephone number on the envelope so that when your goods arrive, people at the post office can call you to pick up.

  11. Hello! I want to know that how can we find a shipment company that charg cheap price for shipping to Cambodia from China when we buy sth online?

    1. Hello Mr. Sopheak,

      Are you buying small items or many items that needed to be shipped via containers?

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  13. hello vuthy, do u know about the import charge ? i just order 1 item from ebay cost around 300$ and weigh around 7-8kg. i dont know how much i will pay for custom duty and tax.

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