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February 11, 2017

What this blog has brought me so far

It's been more than five years that I run this personal blog, I can manage to run this blog for a long time because it's free as it's on blogspot web hosting. I only purchased the domain for $12 per year and the rest is free.

Earlier, I tried other projects before but the expense could not compare to the profit generating from online and thus, I gave up.

Well, it requires a lot of commitment if one wants to run a successful blog or online business. For myself, this blog is more of a diary and a place I can share the good things I know to my fellow citizen. I only come to post every once in a while when I encounter new things or new experience.

Initially, I did not start this blog to monetize. What I thought was to share the information I know. However, I eventually make some profits out of this blog; and that changed my purpose a little bit, but I did not make an effort to lift the blog to a higher level because of time constraint.

As of now, I have made some money out of this blog through some programs such as:
- Adsense
- A place for guest posting
- Amazon affiliate
- Been offered free testing at a restaurant
- Been offered to stay at a hotel for free in exchange for a review
- Been known for translation service
- Provided assistance to withdraw money from Paypal.

Beside from this blog, I also make money online with and

That is it from me. I also would like to know how you generate your income online. Please leave them in the comment box below. :)

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