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April 23, 2017

John Elliott Quarrie, the Company Formation Scammer

John Elliott Quarrie, the company formation scammer, remains at large

Reading to avoid this scam. Scam alert, people! 

This post will explain to you how I lost $500 to scammer John Elliott Quarrie and this post is to compile complaints against John Elliott Quarrie so that we together can file a complaint to UK fed.

If you are a victim of John's, please submit your evidence and all relevant conversation to

By April 22, 2017, I have found two other people (Bony and Narola) who had been scammed by John Elliott Quarrie. 

How I met scammer John Elliott Quarrie: 

I had posted in my blog that I could help local Khmer people withdraw their money via Paypal since in Cambodian people can't receive and withdraw money from Paypal. I charge little % for that service. That scammer John Elliott Quarrie had read the service and sent me the below email on February 26, 2016.

After that email, we also chatted in Whatsapp and Skype, he tried to explain what he does for a living, then I got to know more about him, built trust and that's how I fell into his scam believing that this guy is real. He sent me a copy of his ID card matching his pictures, and I know his local telephone number and knew he stayed in Hang Tep hotel, in Siem Reap. So, I totally believed him.

Before that $500 transaction, he called my mobile number and asked me whether I could help him withdraw $500 daily or $6k a week and he tried to explain his business models. So, it sounds so nice well who does not want the % of $500 daily.

Lucky enough, I did the job only one time and have realized this is a scam. What John did was to ask me to request for payment in Paypal from Bony, who owns Tech United 247 and who later I realized was another victim of this scammer John Elliott Quarrie. Bony had to pay $1550 as a part of the agreement with John before offering service to John's company. $1000 was sent to John via credit card and $550 was sent to John via Paypal (my paypal account)

I requested for payment from Bony in Paypal as commanded by John. Bony then sent $550 (deduct $25 paypal transfer fee) to me and I forwarded $500 to John Elliott Quarrie via eMoney (local money transfer). Why only $500? Because I had received only $525 and I had to charge my % service fee and thus, I forwarded $500 via eMoney to John. John used the hotel manager to be the receipient of the emoney transaction. Thus, the Khmer hotel manager came to pick up payment from emoney and confirmed receive.

All was okay and looked like a normal deal I used to do for other people. It was quiet for about a week. Then, on March 9, Bony sent another email to John and kept me in the loop.

By then, Bony mentioend that John Elliott Quarrie had stopped responding to Bony, and Bony who sent me the $550 later filed for a refund in Paypal since John had scammed him. Not only this $550, but Bony also filed for a chargeback at his credit card company for his other $1000.

I do not mind Bony when he requested for a refund in Paypal, since he was also a victim and he just wanted all his money back. I explained to Bony a few times until he believed that I am not a scammer although I received money on John behalf and I only earned my % and I should not lose $500 for nothing. Bony started to realize that we are both victim, pitied me and promised to offer $200 to compensate my loss by John the scammer. That means I still lost another $350 as the refund was $550.

Since Bony filed a dispute in Paypal asking for a refund, it was taking almost 10 days before Paypal decided whom to give the $550. By that time, John still responded to me and asked me to wait for the result in Paypal dispute. He kept saying that he is not a scammer and would be responsible for my loss because it was his error. He would return the $550 to me. At the same time, he also tried to explain to me about his businesses and asked me to work for his LiveNews5. I'm pretty sure this guy only waited for another chance to scam me more.

I kept on chatting with John in Skype as I had to wait for Paypal dispute result. I also begged John to return my $500 in advance so that I could afford the expense of my family until the end of April. You see, I'm begging for my own money. I also mentioned that I would return John another $500 if I win the Paypal dispute and if I don't win, I'll just keep the money since he said he is responsible for his error, but he did not agree and asked me to wait for the Paypal result and report to him.

On April 20, 2017, Paypal released the result in favor to Bony. Thus, I sent two emails to John and also asked him in Skype. By now he does not respond.

So, John no longer replied to both me and Bony. Is he a scammer yet? Yes, he took my $500 and he was trying to take $1500 from Bony. Absolutely, yes he is a shameless 50 years old British scammer.

During my waiting time, I also did research about John and found a few notorious work he had done before.

1. Forming companies to scam your money:
By now I have to explain to you more about John the scammer and his fake companies. His scam involves forming companies and gathering investors or techies to pay for contracts before working with him. I also heard complaints that he asked other to work but did not pay for service. Only later that I realized he opened and closed more than 97 companies. is a website that will never launch. John would explain to you the details about flexyhotels by sending you a Word file and also ask you to read a post in LinkedIn and it is so detailed that it somehow grabs your attention. It also shows how it interlinks to his other businesses and prove that it's going to work and once in a while would tell you it will launch next week, and that next week a few more times to come. On February 27, 2017, he said this would launch next Monday but it didn't, a few more times until April 22, 2017, this website never takes off although he repeated his shitty words. This website is probably only to wait to get more investors or scam more people since he also sells shares of the company.

Each company below belong to John and it has its way to make money. He tried to get me to work for his LiveNews5 and explained that I would earn $10000 a month. LOL He himself said he used to be multi-millionaires. Really. Just another shameless British hiding in a foreign country.

More complaints in online forums about John Quarrie. 
This name has been scamming since 2004. Well, I'm not saying this is the same John. It's just coincidence enough, John mentioned in the link below scammed through investment, asking people to buy shares which is similar to Flexyhotels's concept, and the name happened to be John Quarrie. Just coincidence maybe, you decide. You will have to read link below to see the scam.

Below is another forum way back in August 2004. Again, I'm not saying this is the same John Quarrie, but it happens to be the same name and people in the forum did mention about OrangeCheck which was similar to above post. One user also talked about buying shares and refund the share. Basically, it's the same thing as what he is promoting these days with his flexy hotels. Probably, not the same John, you decide.

A comment I found under real John Elliott Quarrie's LinkedIn post
Article posted by John Quarrie and commented by Narola Manish

I then added Narola in Skype and chatted to him. He still did not get his money from John Elliott Quarrie and that happened back then in 2014.

After all, these negative comments about John Elliott Quarrie, be aware not to get into business with this shameless British scammer.

Scam alert!!! John Elliott Quarrie, British, born on October 19, 1967. Last known location: Hang Tep Hotel, Siem Reap, Cambodia. His telephone numb: +855 9657 592 45

WhatsApp: +855 9657 592 45

Photos of the scammer John Elliott Quarrie:

Photo of him in Hang Tep Hotel, Siem Reap
His Google+, Youtube Channel, his facebook John Stockwagon, LinkedIn,
Email:,, Skype ID: flexymoneyworld
Rocket Holding Ltd

John is still quiet. Not being responsible for the lost money. 

I sent an email to Hang Tep hotel last night providing this post link for him to read and explained about John's scam. I also gave them my phone number if they want to talk.

Today at 09:00 AM, the hotel manager called me and also told me that John has owed the money to the hotel as he's been staying but has not paid the room fee. The manager called the police to make an agreement that he has to pay before packing and leave the hotel. So, by now you know he's still able to scam more people since he is not in jail.

The hotel manager also said that now John looks half-wit and hang out with gay friends. He will definitely ask John to leave when he has paid up. And I also explained to the manager about John's scam and about two other victims. 

Well, John is heading to that direction. 

Today I also sent email to the UK embassy and also contacted them in facebook page. No response from them in the email, but I got response in facebook.


02/05/2017 Update:
John talked to me on the day I posted this post and he asked me to delete this post and he would consider returning my $500.

He kept saying that he did not scam since Bony did not give John any money as John did not receive that $1,000 via credit card. John did not know what a chargeback mean.
He needs to see a successful scam to call it a scam. So, here if you read, John, it is called a failed attempt to scam. It's still scamming people though.

John told me to revert the post and I did. I reverted the post to draft once again until Saturday, April, 29, 2017 so he could arrange money to pay me. I gave him that chance. I also told him I would delete this post permanently if he returns my money. By Saturday, the 29th, he did not return the money.

He asked me to wait till Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017, so here is his second chance to return the $500 that he took from me. If he did not, then this post is back live.

John who keeps saying he is not a scammer but never wish to return my $500 that he took.

22/05/2017 Update:
John sent me update that he would send me $125 two or three times, to make it $550. However, he did not send me a cent. Since the day I reverted this post into draft, he kept telling me that he would return my money, but did not do it.

He even said he gave cash to his friend to send to me via e-money, but did not. At the end of the day, scammer is scammer.

Update September 14, 2017

On August 30, 2017, I knew more people who had been scammed by John. John continued to scam more people. He did not pay his web site developer Mr. Kumar. He is supposed to pay Mr. Kumar almost USD 2000 in total, but Kumar got nothing. Kumar developed for John, but didn't get paid. His friend who developed site for John also did not get paid.

September 27, 2016

Look what I've found today! I found another victim through google search result when I typed "John Elliott". He changed the hompage of to this!

Funny, isn't it?

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