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With his more than five years experience as a translator, our team members have encountered many types of documents including contract, memorandum, complaints, disasters related, research, medical document, casino website, company website, and good governance related documents. More importantly, the fact that this team is composed of a Law graduate, an English lecturer, it is surely an asset for to be proficient in translating documents.

The primary objective is to provide translation service not vaguely, but also not limited to his specialties - economics, laws, and government related documents. He has got the passion to provide translation service of technical documents in a timely manner, with a reasonable price, in this ever competitive market. More importantly, its quality is the key to why there has been many institutions offered him documents to translate. One of the simple way to reassure accuracy, after documents have been translated, they will be passed to Vuthy's partners for proofreading before reverting. 


1. Translating all legal documents including Complaints, Contract, Memo, and Demand Letter. 6 USD per page for non-technical documents; and 8 USD for technical documents - these includes legal documents, medical documents, or engineering documents.

2. Proofreading: Vuthy also provides Proofreading and Editing services for texts which have been translated by another translation agency. Any changes which we make to your translation will be done by using the track changes option within Microsoft Word which means that clients can clearly see which sections of a text have been changed. Rate will be 3 USD per page. 

  • Hello Axiata Website _ offered by Hello Axiata Company
  • Casino Website _ offered by EZ Khmer Web Design
  • JICA documents on Drainage System _ offered by Bridge International Translation
  • National Spatial Grand Design Land Use Planning Project _ offered by Bridge International Translation
  • Cooking Recipe _ Provided by Staff in US Embassy
  • Coenzyme Q10 Supplementation for Statin-Induced Deficiency _ offered by JICA Project Assistant
  • Job Description _ offered by Better Factories Cambodia
  • Contracts, Complaints, Memorandums _ HML Law Firm & Consultants

Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Oeng Chheang Saing via e-mail address: or her contact number +85581688555 for free price quote.  

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