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February 11, 2017

It's been more than five years that I run this personal blog, I can manage to run this blog for a long time because it's free as it's on blogspot web hosting. I only purchased the domain for $12 per year and the rest is free.

Earlier, I tried other projects before but the expense could not compare to the profit generating from online and thus, I gave up.

Well, it requires a lot of commitment if one wants to run a successful blog or online business. For myself, this blog is more of a diary and a place I can share the good things I know to my fellow citizen. I only come to post every once in a while when I encounter new things or new experience.

Initially, I did not start this blog to monetize. What I thought was to share the information I know. However, I eventually make some profits out of this blog; and that changed my purpose a little bit, but I did not make an effort to lift the blog to a higher level because of time constraint.

As of now, I have made some money out of this blog through some programs such as:
- Adsense
- A place for guest posting
- Amazon affiliate
- Been offered free testing at a restaurant
- Been offered to stay at a hotel for free in exchange for a review
- Been known for translation service
- Provided assistance to withdraw money from Paypal.

Beside from this blog, I also make money online with and

That is it from me. I also would like to know how you generate your income online. Please leave them in the comment box below. :)

December 14, 2016

Web analytics
Since I was in grade 9 at Zaman high school; that was in 2002, I was introduced to a blogging platform called Geocities which belonged to Yahoo. I made a blog and enjoyed posting lifestyle and the good moments that I had with friends. The internet was not lively back then. People chatted in mIRC, and later hi5.
Later in 2003, Zaman taught me HTML and I made a personal web site and used free FTP tool to page by page to a free web hosting platform and I remember that I used a free domain name from .tk. So, back then, my personal web site was I was so proud of myself back then for being able to do so. However, I lost the web and I am not even sure how I lost it.
Academic years became such a storm and I quit blogging.
Only in July 2012, I had the gut to restart blogging with blogspot and because it is a free platform. As you can see, this is hosted in blogspot :) Thus, I only had to modify the theme code to make it look better than a regular blogspot. It is free for the web hosting with limited function, and I bought this domain name for about $10 per year from Google apps. I love this blogspot platform actually besides it does not look like a professional web site.

Since I have this blog, I also started following Khmer bloggers including BlueladyblogKhmerbird, Khmer Enterprises, etc. I learned a lot them, but more about social. They are not money bloggers. Only by reading a post from Khmerbird that he made money from Adsense and that was approx $300 and I became very curious how he did that. I went on reading online materials and followed more bloggers like Problogger. From problogger, I found that there are many other ways to make money online beside Adsense.

For this, I initially intended to make money through Adsense and blog whatever I wanted; however, from time to time, I made new services that I can provide and they all worked. I can tell you in short, not a detailed one that I have made more than $200 from this and it was not from Adsense.

As I kept on reading online materials, I found a facebook group called Cambodia Internet Marketer where Cambodian SEO experts talk about how to rank their web sites in Google. For god sake, only by then that I realized that I have been taking SEO for granted. I have been blogging for ages, but I was not aware of SEO. What a shame! So, that is 2016 already!
From then on, I have joined many other facebook group to learn about white hat SEO and black hat SEO techniques, paid for courses, and even now I am still learning about these SEO things.
Starting from mid-November, I started a niche site where I will be hiring authors to produce content on parenting product reviews and advice on parenting. It is an affiliate web site where I will be earning commission from Amazon associate program. So, this will be where I can experience more about SEO and learning at the same time. I hope it is not too late for the new adventure!

April 27, 2015

I have to be honest with you I am a failure in managing my own time to do tasks on time. I have many responsibilities in which I failed to finish many of them on time because it all came in between. I should have ignored one thing, to complete another. So that, the two won't be completed late.

I am writing this because I feel so bad about myself for being such a failure and have failed people around me too.

I remember my first date on January 08, 2013. I told my girlfriend that we would meet at 5:30 PM, but I ended up arriving at 6:00 PM. She blamed me a lot and even told me on phone that I did not have to go to pick her up, but I kept telling her that I was on my way and finally arrived at 6:00 PM. What I learned from that was that I looked down on necessary commute time, I looked down on traffic. I did not leave enough time for something unexpected to happen. I thought 10 minutes drive will arrive and meet her. That was what a fool like me thought. So, I spent so much time to finish up my work in a rush then went to meet her. All I got was to let her wait and disappointed her. Luckily, she still agreed to come out with me. It's been me. It's just like that since then or even before that.

Not just that, I regularly go to work late too. Every morning, I get up at 6:00 AM. I wake up my niece so that she can take bath and ready for school. Mostly she gets up when I wake her up, sometimes she doesn't. So, I sometimes have to go wake her up again after I dress up. It doesn't take me much time to dress up, but it takes more time for two people to be ready to leave house. So, I take her to school at about 6:45 AM every morning and arrived her school at 7:00 AM. Generally, she does not arrive her school late. She will have breakfast there, but for me after leaving her there, I have to go have my breakfast, then head to work. Apparently 30 minutes is not enough for commute and eat. So, I often arrive at 7:45 or 8:00 AM (work starts at 7:30). See, I am such a failure.

During working hours, I need to have good mood to focus on work. If any days that I hear problems at home, my mood swing, I don't have that kind of good mood to write any reports. I do, of course, but the process is very slow.

In mid March 2015, I and Mamiao agreed on a trip to Kanjanaburi to meet at 8:00 AM, but I arrived at 8:30 or 8:40. I planned enough time for commute by BTS to her area, but I had urgent issue to deal with. It took me about 15 minutes to talk to my ILO colleagues in our hotel room and explained to him how to get to IKEA and he was nagging and asking about so many other things. It was annoying, but I had to spend time talking to him or else I feel myself heartless. When I met Mamiao, I acknowledged my mistake for coming late and I did not want to explain much because it's just me like that. A failure in time management.

On April 24, 2015, another case took place, I agreed with a motorbike dealer that we would meet at 2:00 PM, but I arrived at 3:15 PM because I stole my working hours to meet him thus I had to finish up a closing meeting with factory management. You know why I agreed to meet him at 2:00? Because I finished almost everything in the morning, but it was unlucky that during lunch time, another colleague teams came to the same restaurant. So, we had to have lunch together and it took about 2 hours at the restaurant. I could not open my mouth and tell them that I am in a hurry. So, I had to make everything looks normal. Then, I got back to the office at almost 1:00 PM. I did not give a call to the dealer in advance that I was going to be late because I still thought that I could manage my time to meet him on time. Hell took place. He argued with me and asked me to explain a lot on how to improve his compliance issues. Dealer got mad and the deal was down. I lost $300 for depositing a motorbike.

From these experiences that I remember and other failure experience in which I did not mention here, I found some reasons and I am willing to fix myself as follows:
- I procrastinate things. Sometimes I have free time, but I did not do it first I did not realize that I have to do many things in given little time. I do things at the last minutes and in a rush. I need to give myself more time on certain tasks and focus on each tasks carefully.
- I should delegate work to others to help and admit the truth that I won't be able to finish these many things on time. I should focus on one and do it well.
- I should give more times on commute as traffic now is horrible.
- I should know the limit and inform others well about lateness.
- I should read more time management strategy.
- It doesn't matter what time I sleep, I should rise early to continue working as morning is fresh to reflect.
- I should make use of my note of urgent tasks.
- Limit myself with timeframe to work on something.

I am actually trying to cheer myself when writing this up. What else do you think I should do?

March 26, 2015

On Sunday, March 15, 2015, I and my ILO colleagues traveled by van to Bangkok through Poi Pet - Aranyaprathet border. We had a great time along the way.

Us, stopping by at a Battambang restaurant for lunch, and resumed our trip at 13:00.

I and my colleagues have arrived at the border. Here is a picture of us already crossed the border, at Aranyaprathet side

Took this shot while waiting for Chhoung at Siam Paragon
So, the summit began with Connor's welcoming message and lots of inspiration
First evening of the EA Summit at pool party to welcome all Enterprise Advisors

Enterprise Advisors from other country programs seemed to like Krawma (Cambodian scarf) a lot. Cambodian team offered many gifts during the summit. 
A picture I took from BTS Udom Suk while waiting for Chhoung to go to IKEA at Mega Bangna. 
For the evening of second day, I went out with my colleagues to some malls in Bangkok.

Although M was so busy going to hospital, but he stopped by to carry a gift from Moscow to give me at Siam Paragon, while I was waiting to meet Chhoung on the first day of his arrival.

I missed walking with my girlfriend from hotel to Pratunam and BTS Ratchatewi every morning. And that was not long, we went there in November 2014, just 4 months before the EA Summit which took place in March 2015.
Walked through Central World almost everyday, took a chance to grab this shot with my iPhone 5

Waiting for ferry to come. Here is Mamiao my lovely friend. Don't remind me of her getting mad. It was scary. But that was my fault that I kept her waiting all of the time.

The next day after spending a night on a floating house, Mamiao's friends started swimming. I joined them after :D. It was my first time to swim in such a big lake. I only used to swim in pool. This was a great experience. 

M, Mamiao, Chanutr, and I - We met at Terminal 21 for cheap dinner. Thanks my lovely friends who come to see me every time I go there. 

A house-like boat was dragging our floating house to an island for a better view and cleaner lake to swim. It took one hour to drag the house there. 

My colleagues cheered during pool party during the EA Summit

Always the same buffet, every morning. Sigh.. 

P' House was singing all along during the trip to Kanchanaburi, and yet when he got back, he still sang at his HThroughHeart Ice Cream shop at Khao San road. He is so energetic!! Not to mention, his ice cream was so delicious! 

Chhoung, M and I at Mega Bangna. Chhoung wanted to shop a book case and we decided to go there again. 

Before crossing the big lake to another side of Kanchnaburi province

With Mamiao in Central World for Tacos

Chhoung got up like this

Evo was introducing Diagnosis in the EA summit

Ice Cream introduced by M at Terminal 21. So many flavors. Love it.

I liked standing at this corner with less people on BTS

Spent my last night before returning home to watch a movie called Run All Night. 

This year at the EA Summit, the team building activity was to build Krathoong and present its meaning  

Also went to Asiatique again and bought some small gifts for ILO colleagues

Another picture at Asiatique

Minna, was acting as press during EA summit

Took sometime to visit with Mamiao and Chanutr at Jatujak plant market on Wednesday night

Kanchanaburi waterfall. It was beyond reality! 

I bought a Bonsai tree from Jatujak. Love it and going to take care of it well.

After the EA Summit, I stayed at Tune Hotel with Chhoung. I love this location as it's very close to Terminal 21

In warehouse of IKEA
The trip ended well with M seeing us off at the airport on March 24, 2015. 

I hope to see Mamiao, M, and Chanutr, Ae, Mai, Mim, and other Thai friends visiting Cambodia soon. I won't let Mamiao wait for me again :D

April 2, 2013

Every year, both Khmer people and Chinese people celebrate for their ancestors. For many people in Cambodia, we celebrate both Pchum Ben Festival and Qingming Festival. April 2, 2013 was the day that my family chose for Qingming festival. For this year, I went for the festival with my parents, sister, and an elder brother. We managed to arrive Oudong at around 9:00AM and went straight to the first tomb who my father's grandparents

My Father's Grandparents
My Brother Preparing on the Top

Paying Respect to His Grandparents

We brought along a battery fan and umbrellas for such a hot weather

After Everything is prepared, we have monks saying prayers to the ancestors and the living
After spending the morning seeing my ancestors at their tombs, I went to my grandparents' house which is about 5 kilometers further. Here is a picture of my lovely grandma walking on her own with a stand and my grandpa sitting on a chair. They are both in their 80s and not very strong but are pretty healthy. 

Grandma (left), Grandpa (right)
We relaxed a little bit at my grandparents' house. Probably after an hour, we went to another tomb which belong to my grandmother's grandparents. Interestingly, it is my first time to be there!

The tombs last for more than 200 years, I guess.

We can't drive directly to the tomb, here is a picture of my parents walking to their great grandparents' tombs

This man newly cute his palm fruit for us for free. How lovely! However, we paid him some money as well

It normally costs 2000 Riel only. Can you believe that?

My grandparents' grandparents' tombs

Just hope that the next generation of the Chour family visit their ancestors here every year. The year is being added from time to time :D

Here are pictures of my elder sister and brother

These kids are lovely. They helped with the festival and lined up for some give away

How about you? Have you celebrated the festival for this year? 

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