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October 20, 2017

Send & Receive PayPal money in Cambodia
PayPal is like a bank. Sometimes after creating an account, they might ask you to verify your identity. Sometimes it could be through proving your photo ID and need other business information. By then, your account could be restricted. Thus, you are creating the account by following the below instruction at your own risk. I am not responsible if PayPal restricts your account from operation without any reason. But I found a site that can produce a fake ID for you to verify your account just in case PayPal ask:
Did you read my previous post on how to create "Register Paypal with "oVPN Spider" to Fake Your Address"? That was about creating a PayPal account with fake IP address done from an Android phone. 

Whether that post or this post, it only allows us to create a PayPal account that allows Send/Receive money, but we still cannot withdraw, because we don't have a bank account in the US to connect.

For withdrawing, you can use my service if you don't have a bank abroad to connect yet. 

Today I would like to introduce another way to register another PayPal account from your PC. 

Before you can do this, reassure that you have these things, as in order: 
2. An account at so that you will have a free phone number. (Not necessary if you plan to use your local gmail)
3. Sign up a new PayPal account

Let’s go into details with the first one. After installing Hide My IP, you will see an icon in your Google Chrome. Hover it, you can see a list of country that you would like your IP to appear. For this case, I am going to choose California, Los Angeles. 
The next thing we do is to register an account with, so that we will have a free telephone number in the US, you will need a Los Angeles area code before this. After register, you will need to log into your email account to verify before using. 
Then you can start registering a new Gmail account, when registering a Gmail account, they will send you a text to verify your location. Now we have the phone number, no worry! You can either allow Google to call or send you a text sms. 
If it does not work, no worry! You can register a new gmail account with Cambodian address, verify with your local phone number. Move on to the next step.

After having the Gmail account, then we can start with registering a new PayPal account. Of course, you will need to have a US home address, postal code, probably not necessarily a US phone number. For this case, I use fake address generator, all of the information you need is there. 

All is done! And the PayPal account works! :) Proven below. 

Finally, a PayPal account. Peace.

December 3, 2015

About a year ago, in August 2014, I blogged that I had bought my own solo property in Kampong Speu province. It wasn't a brag. My only sole purpose is to inspire others and to share tactics to accumulate more wealth as I had been inspired by other successful people.

Today I blog about how I've bought a house (Just booked by now). So, this blog is more about my imagination and steps that I am going to take to accumulate this house.
Actually, I went to make the first deposit yesterday on December 02, 2015. The first deposit was $10,000, and I will still have to pay another $130,000 because the former owner agreed to sell for $140,000. It was reduced to this price after 2 weeks negotiation.

This post will explain to you what this house is and how I am going to get it, with the help of others.

Cost of the house:
It costs $140,000. It is not possible for me to buy this alone. So, it's me and my mum together we pay for this. It's $70,000 for me and $70,000 for her. I am not going to mention in the blog how she gets her part, but mine alone. So, basically, I will need to have $70,000. And this is how I am going to get it. (Not successful yet!)

My wealth by now:
- $23,000 (I expect to get this amount if I happen to sell the land I bought earlier in August 2014)
Link to article about the land
- $2,200 (Cost of half a hectare rice farm I bought last year, I do not know how much it costs now)
- $20,000 (I have this in my bank account as I got this from wedding gifts by guests on my wedding day)
- $8,000 (If I happen to get this from tong tin)
- $1,724 (Salary per month)
- $5,000 (Loan from Grandma from USA)

From the amount shown here, it clearly shows that it is impossible for me to rush to sell my property and get the $70,000 because by now I only have $20,000 in my bank account.

So, I approach a bank for the other $50,000. I have collateral for this loan. I got a special interest rate at Mega International Bank. I got this rate $58/month per $10,000. Thus, I'll have to pay $290 interest per month. The rate will decrease as time goes by and as borrowed capital decreases. I am going to repay this capital and interest in installment.

At the same time, I will start selling my properties but no rush. By the time I sell my land plot, I will have $23,000 extra. I will probably lend this $23,000 to someone who is in need for an interest of $100/month per $10,000. So, it will help me pay off the bank too. The reason that I won't use this $23,000 to pay back to the bank directly is that I could get an interest rate at $100 or $150 if I happen to lend it to others.

Also, since the house is in good location. And former house owner used to rent it for $350 per month. I expect to rent this for $400 per month. Thus, it may also help my repayment with the bank. But if I get $400 per month, I will share with my mum. So, I'll get $200 per month from rent.

If everything goes on well, I'll have the house (half of the house). And if the price of the house increases a lot, I might sell it and share half with my mum to find somewhere I can afford to buy alone later.

Phewww!! It's going to be an interesting financial journey for me! Invest!

House location:

The house size 7m*12.5m

Update, November 17, 2016:
It has been a year since I bought the house. I rented it to a tenant for $400 per month 8 months but she already moved out (I got $3200). So, it helped my loan repayment which is $1800 per month, that means I had to pay $1400 per month after deducting monthly $400. Since $1400 is for me and my mum. I alone had to pay $700 per month for my part.

Let's talk about the money I had prior to purchasing the house
+approx $25,000 I have not sold the land in Kampong Speu. Link to article about the land
+$2,200 land. This land is still there.
+$13,000 (Not yet get from tong tin)
+$1,760 (Salary per month)
+$5,000 (Loan from Grandma from USA) - Grandma said she gave us. So, no need to return, but I used it to pay for the house also.
-$20,000 (I have this in my bank account as I got this from wedding gifts by guests on my wedding day) - This money has gone for purchasing the house. So, no more to consider.

Since we have had this bank loan, we have repaid about $10,000 in one year. 6 more years to go.
Whether I can sell this house or find a new tenant, I do have a plan to buy another house which cost around $40,000 in 2017.

August 17, 2014

It is definitely one of the time that I have to remember later and thus, I have to include in my personal blog post. Mainly, it's for my own mark.

On Saturday, August 16, 2014, I went to Oudong, Kampong Speu with my mum to see plots of land if it was worth buying. 

In deed, we found one; and it's all for myself.

The land is located on National Road No. 44, 4 kilometers after turning left from National Road No. 5. 
The road 130 kilometers long and the plot is located on the corner of National Road 44 and a small paved road leading to villagers in that area. 

The size of the land is 20m*60m. There is a small house inside, totally livable. There is a well, and many trees, especially mango and longans, and the plot was filled with land already almost about the same height to the road.

Price of the plot: $1,3000, bought on August 16, 2014. 

I hope this investment will lead me to making my first million before reaching 35 years old. 

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